Mac’s are PC’s

I was watching TV when a ad came on for a local computer repair shop. In the ad they said “We repair Mac’s and PC’s.”. Made me sad that the one place that should know better is using the Mac vs. PC phrase. Apple didn’t help things with there ads “I’m a Mac. I’m a PC” but even they said publicly that they knew it was wrong. It just sounded really good in a ad. So to be clear Mac’s are personal computers just like all the ones that run Windows.

Also if you are talking about Apple’s line of computers, get this right. iMac are Apple’s desktop PC’s and MacBook’s are Apple’s laptop PC’s. Use the image below for Microsoft’s and Apple’s operating systems.

Windows and OS X

Review: Modern Warfare 3 Campaign

Its that time of year again. Time to find out how much you suck at life from some teenager high on junk food and pop. It is Call of Duty time in the form of Modern Warfare 3. But this time there are two main things that are working against it. COD has competition with the release of Battlefield 3 and the fact that this COD had three different developers working on it. Im going to only be covering the single player part of the game because I’m not very much into multiplayer.

You start right where Modern Warfare 2 ended and of course you are right in the middle of the action from the start. Your mission is to find and stop the Russian super terrorist Vladimir Makarov. That is it. There is not much more you need to know about the story and that is one of the biggest problems with the game. COD has a style that it has followed from the start with over the edge action. This is what made it stand out from the start but now its just over played and over used. You know from the start of every level that shit is going to hit the fan and its aimed right at you. You’re going to kill a lot of people, get yelled at and told what to do, and you can’t save the world without blowing up a few things. COD has become predicable and borderline boring.

What gets me the most is the lack of depth to the game. By that I mean everything that makes you feel like your in the middle of that action. COD does nothing to do that. It just puts you in the middle of a Hollywood action movie and tell you “Do everything this man says!”. To point this out we need to compare it to Battlefield 3.


The Story Of Bottled Water

Where I live they send out a news letter with your water bill. A few months ago they let us know that the water failed some test by something like 0.02%. You would need to drink so much water that you would make yourself sick before whatever limit they were over would be of any harm to you. Do you think Coke or Pepsi is going to tell you that about your bottled water?

Why I use Android

I saw this on a forum somewhere and agree with it.

  • I can set any song as a ringtone, just by selecting it – for free
  • I can control my TV’s, Live
  • I can show photos from my phone on my TV just by flicking them on there – for free
  • I can get turn-by-turn navigation with Google Maps – for free
  • I get visual AND transcribed voicemails with Google Voice – for free
  • Those little App icons on the screen, I can put them anywhere I want – top, bottom, right, left – wherever
  • AT&T network – not any more
  • I can load apps from anywhere – without having to hack my phone

Apple gos after the Droid X

Apple Tosses DROID X Into Antennagate, Here is Our Video – Droid Life: A Droid Community Blog

Apple posted another video showing another smartphone, this time the Droid X, losing bars when held in the death grip. Problem is other people can’t recreate this, even Engadget can’t do it. The other thing is Apple made a big deal about the media blowing this “Antennagate” thing up. We know Apple, some smartphones lose bars if held just right. Move on.

Stock Android is hard to find

Daring Fireball Linked List: Wired: ‘Bloatware Creeps Into Android Phones’

It seems more clear now why Google made the Nexus One: it’s hard to get a phone with the default Android OS. It also seems clear that Android’s openness is largely about being open to the carriers’ ability to customize the user experience.

This is one thing that I agree with John on. There should be more phones with stock Android. As much as I like my HTC Evo I wish it had, at least, Android 2.1 and I could install 2.2 later. And its not the the Sense UI is bad, it really is pretty good, I just would like to run what Google released or be able to pick what I want on the phone, Sense or stock Android, at the time I get the phone.