Xbox Live Vision

I stopped by Gamestop today to pick up the new Xbox Live Vision camera and left $85 dollars out of my pocket. Now I know what your saying. “You spend $85 for a camera?”. Not really because after all is said and done I got the camera for free. Now that you have no idea what im talking about I will tell you how I worked this out in my head.

Xbox Live Vision Camera

The camera by itself is about $35 but you can also get a gold package that comes with alot more. You get a 12 month gold subscription to Xbox Live ($50.00), a headset ($20.00), two Xbox Live Arcade games (UNO that is 400pts = $5.00 and Robotron that is also 400pts = $5.00), and 200 Microsoft Points (about $2.75). Added up thats $82.75. So that works out perfect for me because I was paying for my gold account month by month and didn’t have a headset. See it all works out.

BTW, this is what we have to look forward to.

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