Bye Best Buy

I went to Best Buy to pick up Tomb Raider: Legend for the 360 because it was only $30 and as I got to the check out I remember why I don’t shop there all that much. In most parts of the world if you want to buy something you just pay with money or credit and your on your way. Not at Best Buy.

I know that going to pay for anything they are going to ask me for my phone number and before I just gave them my cell number. This time I told the lady that I didn’t have a phone thinking that would be the end of it and I could buy my game and be gone. But snice they don’t have a number to type in I guess they think im new and ask me for my address. Still don’t know why you need my address to take my money but whatever. So I give the lady my address but not my apartment number. Yay, were done and I can pay for this now. Not really. She hits enter and the system won’t take it without a phone number. I tell her to just try a 555 number but still won’t work. She then asks me for my work number. I tell her that theres no reason you need my work number so after thinking about it for a little bit she puts in the number for the store. Finally were done and I can pay for this dam game.

So thats about the last time I am getting anything from Best Buy. There is no reason that anyone should need your phone number, address, fingerprints, DNA or blood type just to give them money for a product. Bye Bye Best Buy.

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