Pro or Core?

I see on Mint that people are coming here looking for the Pro or Core? post alot so here is the repost of it.

What do you get for $100 more? Or better yet how much is Microsoft losing with there pro 360? I was thinking about this so I decide to add it up.

First you have the core system for $300 and the pro for $400. They both have the same console and power supply but that were they similarities end. With the pro you also get the 20 gig harddrive ($100) and a headset ($20) that the core doesn’t come with. Theres $120 right there. Now lets add the price difference between the rest of the stuff that both come with. The core comes with a wired controller and the pro a wireless one ($10 difference). Core has a Composite audio/video cable and the pro has a Component HD AV Cable. You really can’t do a price difference because there is no composite cable that you can buy.

Now we have a total of $150 between the two. The only other thing that the pro comes with that the core doesn’t is a ethernet cable. You can get them for about $20 so now the price is $170. Thats a good bit of money. Now say you got a core system and wanted to get every thing that the pro system comes with. That my friend is going to cost you $210 on top of the $300 for the core system for a total of $510.

So get the pro system and not the core. You get alot more for that extra $100. Even if you can’t find a pro system right now it would be better to wait till they come in. You will save alot of money in the end.

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