So Long Sprint

I have been wanting to cancel my Sprint account for some time now and then I found this info tonight and it was a dream come true. You see this all started over a year ago when I was paying for my phone thru work. It was on the company account but under my name and I was paying the bill. The biggest problem with that was when ever I wanted to change anything it had to go thru the office. So when I told them I wanted to change to the Fair and Flexible plan they called Sprint and did so. Problem is that the person at Sprint that they talked to never told them that if the account was changed it would add another year on the plan. That was when I had it with Sprint.

Tonight I found out thru that Sprint raised pay-per-use text messaging rates to $.15 per message. People are saying that this is a material change to services provided. Now this is the wording in the Sprint contact.

We may change the Agreement at any time with notice. Any changes to the Agreement are effective when we publish them. If you use our Services or make any payment to us on or after the effective date of the changes, you accept the changes. If we change a material term of the Agreement and that change has a material adverse effect on you, you may terminate the Agreement without an Early Termination Fee by calling 1-888-567-5528 within 30 days after the changes go into effect. You understand and agree that taxes, Universal Service fees and other charges imposed by the government or based on government calculations may increase or decrease on a monthly basis, and that this paragraph does not apply to any increases in such taxes, Universal Service fees or other charges.

After reading that I thought I would give it a shot. Called them up and after waiting on the phone for half and hour got to talk to someone. Told them what I wanted to do, told them the reason why and they said fine. That was it. Of course I made sure to I didn’t have to pay the Early Termination Fee and he said nope. So Long Sprint.

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