Fall Update Error – E66

Seems that the Xbox 360 Fall Update that came out today didn’t go to good for everyone. There are some that think this is a small move by Microsoft to stop people from modding there 360. But as with everything that comes from Microsoft people have found away around it.

Heres the deal, there is no real reason to mod a 360 right now. All the mods out there that I have seen don’t come close to what could be done with the original Xbox. Lets face it, you could do just about anything you wanted to an Xbox. Want to use it as a ftp server, no problem. Want a media center for playing and streaming music and movies, you got it. Want to prove how leet you are and run linux, here you go. By using soft mods or mod chips you can do just about anything. I’m betting you didn’t get a 360 to do any of this. You got a 360 for the games.

Lets face it, your not going to do almost any of the things you did with the original Xbox on your 360 because some of it is already apart of Xbox Live. With the Fall Update you can stream wmv files from Media Player 11. You can use the 360 as a Media Center if you have Media Center PC and even if you don’t have a Media Center PC there are way around it. It’s not going to be a ftp server with only a 20gig hard drive but there might be a 60gig hard drive soon.

I would love to see some cool mods for the 360 but right now there are none that I would void my warranty for. So if you are getting the E66 error today there is one thing to look forward to, theres only 9 weeks till Christmas.

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