No iPods in New York

While checking out CNN I come across this little gem.

New York State Sen. Carl Kruger says three pedestrians in his Brooklyn district have been killed since September upon stepping into traffic while distracted by an electronic device. In one case bystanders screamed “watch out” to no avail.

Kruger says he will introduce legislation on Wednesday to ban the use of gadgets such as Blackberry devices and video games while crossing the street.

“Government has an obligation to protect its citizenry,” Kruger said in a telephone interview from Albany, the state capital.

This is just my idea Sen. Carl Kruger but why not introduce legislation to lower the numbers of people killed, beaten and stabbed in your city. But I understand, iPods are evil and must be stopped. But also if your hit while crossing the street while using your iPod then the problem pretty much took care if itself. Bet you won’t do it twice.

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