Vista = Shit on a Stick

I have been using Vista for about 2 weeks now and I have to say that it is the worst OS from Microsoft that I have ever used. Yes even Windows Me. There is an endless number of problems that I have been having with this crap of zeros and ones. Its as if it knows I want to do something plans ahead to not let me do it. Little green fuckers running around the program just trying to see how pissed off they can get you.

I downloaded the iPhone video and with it was the _MACOSX folder with another copy of the video. We’ll skip the fact that I downloaded the video twice the size that I should of and look to the fact that Vista won’t let me delete the _MACOSX folder. Maybe its a Microsoft joke at Apple but it locks the system up. Not funny.

Another thing is that anytime I wish to move some files from one drive to another it takes forever. In XP it was not really fast to do the same thing but it was a lot faster then this. Then you get a pop-up window (that you get for just about everything) that tell you to hold on it thinking on how long this is going to take. And then just to tease you theres a small more button so you can see how long its taking just to move one file.

Some other things are that the ATI drivers suck. Everything is moved around so you have sub menus of sub menus. Firefox is crashing so much I almost started using IE. The Horror!

Hopefully I will be getting a MacBook soon and then won’t have to come back to crap. Then again OS 10 might suck and I will have to turn to Ubuntu.


  1. totally agree, Ive just bought a new sony vaio with vista and after half an hour of using it I was very disappointed, its slow and crude and there is a popup to confirm what you want to do every 3 seconds, man I’ve just wasted a lot of money. its worse than win95, i am now thinking of installing xps2. I have switched everything to classic mode just to work on it half as fast as i used to on xp. If your a web designer like me then dreamweaver wont even install. I had to copy the dreamweaver folder from an xp installation to get it to work. tut bill, think again. never again will i buy a new OS that hasnt been out for year or 2.

  2. Well, I just keyed in ‘vista shit’ into Google to see where it would take me and here I am.

    I have just spent the best part of this Sunday trying to get Office 2003 installed and working in order to migrate one of our users from an old, dying laptop and here I am just about to throw the damn thing out the Window.

    The new laptop is running Vista Home Premium and I have probably had it hang about 5 times, I have rebooted about the same amount and still Outlook won’t run without popping up the installer utility every few seconds. I hasten to add that this is a fully licenced, legitimate install and I really think it would be quicker to scrub the disk and install XP Pro.

    Microsoft’s Knowledge Base tells me to uninstall and reinstall Office – ha, that crashes – OK, try the installer cleanup utility – ha, that won’t run (VB error).

    Total Shite. I want six hours of my life back, Bill.

  3. Vista = Sucks, Vista = Shit. You decide.

    I can not believe a company would dare sell such an inferior product.

    Microsoft should publish a list of just what actually works with this train wreck. The list of what doesn’t work would be much too long.

    So far, a lot of hardware, and much of the software I’ve tried doesn’t work. I’m talking about new stuff that’s supposed work, but doesn’t.

    Oh yeah, did I mention blue-screen of death?

  4. Dante was not cognizant of another circle in his Inferno – the 11th one reserved for Bill & Microsoft. The worst punishment is reserved for them- all will be chained to work stations run with Vista!

    The bright spot in this bleak-scape is I’ve made the leap to Linux. Take courage, fellow pilgrims. Our Deliverer shall come out of Unix.

  5. Guys I can only sympathise and empathise. What a load of cr*p Vista is. Internet explorer keeps crashing, vista won’t install – in fact its worse than that it gets to a point where is installing and just when I expect to be asked for the license key everything disappears – so it doesn’t even tell me that it won’t install.

    My system is a quad core with 4GB of RAM – Vista practically makes XP2 look positively high speed.

    Shame on you Bill Gates

  6. PISS.. i just bought a $700 doller desk top and it came with vista.. i dident think it was too bad at first besides getting usedto the whole layout and damn thing that pops up telling you pointless shit
    AND NOTHING CAN DOWNLOAD TO VISTA!!!! my camcorder cant run on vista and sony that makes it dosent even have a driver for vista
    so why make a program that is a pice of shit that you cant download anything to or run anything on!!!!

    would rather use windows 98 than vista!!!

  7. Haha, I typed in “Vista is shit” in Google as Windows Explorer crashed for the 1000th time as I try to copy some photos off of an SD card. And here I am. People want a stable OS that provides basic functionality that allows others to build on it. The OS has to be rock solid. Why, oh why, has Bill given up? He was driven, he had a vision, and now it is all about $$$ and not about providing something excellent to a consumer, to allow people to do more than they ever dreamed. So sad to see the Microsoft vision turn into this.

  8. Can’t get any work done since vista was released :'(
    Hardware drivers aren’t being supported properly since vista came out, gaming has been killed, tasks are slower, the interface is innefficient for hardcore PC users, aero is a pointless use of processing usage (a gimmick), i get prompted every 2 seconds about how dangerous it is to open my own files, and it even tells you that you have no priviledges over you own computer… and so can someone tell me why should I be happy about vista ?

  9. Ha, I typed “vista shit” in google, too, and here I am. I cannot believe this product was released with such basic bugs particularly in explorer – all I want to do is copy a file. I plan to revert to XP, the best (relative term) Microsoft OS, in my opinion.

  10. Amazing – I typed in Vista’s Shit into google in frustration and ended up here. Just installed the Vista SP1 into a system and now says it has lost the trust relationship with the main server. I haven’t come accross one corporate client that would consider touching it for 2-3 years. I think any IT department that would take this on would need to be very courageous or stupid. It is a shame a company with such a monopoly can think it can churn out a product to market with so many bugs. Obviously the SOHO market are by default the beta users for Microsoft Vista. Extremely bad product, marketing, hype, result. It is ashame the Commodore Amiga didn’t continue it was light years ahead of anything else on the market just marketed and positioned wrong. Should have been positioned as a business computer rather than a gaming computer. Unfortunately we have to work with Vista to test our software against for the poor soles that have Vista installed.

  11. What a load of crap vista is !!!!!! I used it for 10 mins and decided after it would not load a basic zonealarm fire wall to return my nice new ACER laptop and vista to point of purchase tomorrow… about your ‘negative out of the box experience!!”…..I will stick with my old laptop with XP2SP2 which does work!!!

  12. yes, vista is shit !
    Too many security questions
    (you have to untick a box in the control panel to stop this)
    Firewall is shit and everything else is very slow and very annoying
    i feel lost using vista
    hides all your internet files and activities.
    I’m running home premium edition with the all very latest updates. It’s not worth it
    Give me xp anyday
    or even 98

  13. Commodore Amiga?!? Put down the crack pipe! Atari FTW hehe ;) Anyway it makes me laugh when I type “Vista is shit” into and this comes up. The real tragedy is that this crap is going to be all that is on offer for a while when they take xp off the shelf. I think the only operating system micro$haft released that worked properly was my TRS-80 Color Computer Basic lol but seriously I actually paid for my copy of XP Pro and I feel it is well worth the money. It’s got the usability of ’98 with more stability and scalability. I really think the heydey for Micro$uck was the 98-xp period, ignoring the beta releases of the new millenium (2000/Me) which were released to a date and not ready, as is the case with Vista. XP has the gameability that 98 did and the stability that 2000 was supposed to have had. If windows 7 is another bloatware pile of shit I think Micro$haft has had the sword. There is one good thing about Vista, apparently you can still use a Windows Classic desktop theme ;)

  14. Vista is SHIT! yes … 6 hours waiting for installing service pack .. and another 5 hours waiting for rolling changes back, because update was not successfull; I hate Vista ! But i need DirectX 10…

  15. … and my configuration ?
    Intel Core2 Duo 2x3GHz
    2GB 800MHz DDR2
    1TB hard drives
    … not enough for Microsoft Windows Vista UPDATE

  16. How funny that we all resorted to googling Vista Shit- seems to be the final phase of frustration. I too have wasted a beautiful day trying to resolve a “known issue” with outlook remote web access only to be told it is the exchange servers fault! Funny XP works just fine. I was trying to avoid have to revert back to XP version on this new laptop. I had so wanted to go APPLE but needed the exchange server interface for work – jokes on me I guess. What a ton of frustration for something that should be an improvement.

  17. vista is plain crap recall this run a dual core..2 gigs ram ..and dual booted it with xp and id like to take it out and smash it and go buy a real MAC..recall this shit MR. William Gates
    Vista to me is a peice of recallable horse crap.

  18. 2weeks of vista and I’m ready to get a mac. Microsoft has outdone itself this time. Pissed off have of north america with ME. Vista is pissing off the rest.
    Best not want to try to transfer a file larger than a pinhead not going to happen.Best thing they could have done would have been to add some new features into xp and charge anyone a little extra if they wanted them.Vista has become a waste of both time and money.Spent at least 6 hours over the past week talking to vista support only to discover I have more knowledge in my little toe.

  19. amd 2core 4200
    4 gig fo 800 ram
    600 gig free hard drive space
    and told I have not enough memory what a crock of shit

  20. How interesting!

    We all got here by searching for Vista Shit !

    For the sake of your own sanity, please don’t install MS Office 2007 on a Vista platform.

    I’m pushing as many of my customers as possible over to Linux for basic services. Vista just isn’t worth the trouble and the cost.

    Sorry Bill. I’ve had it with Windows.

  21. Hey I got here by typing “Vista is shit” into Google too. Not surprising, in itself, but surprising how many people have actually had such a negative sentiment as to bother typing it into Google. I usually have better things to do.

    Ive already installed ubuntu and have even been seriously considering a MAC. It is truly, very bad. Possibly the WORST interface and user experience Ive had ever from any windows.

    I had to uninstall MSOffice 2007 because that was annoying too (although better than the Vista UI I admit) and that has f***ed up my MSOffice 2003 which I have now installed.

    Ive wasted HOURS on trying to fix stuff in Vista which wont work. Im sick of it. AND its taking up 15gb of footprint on my 64gb of solid disk drive on my new X300. OH GOD i wish i had ordered XP.

  22. Ha yep, same as, typed in “vista is shit” and here I am….
    nothing works! games and all, should have listend to the chappy in the shop when he warned me about vistas unreliability etc.

    Anyone ever had a problem where it’s lost any connection to the speakers? Turned on my laptop this morning and it says there aren’t any, done a system restore and it’s still failed…

    Vista has broken too many times for my liking, contemplating a change! It may look all fancy but it’s pretty useless. Failure.

  23. Jem: Oh yes…the speakers problem. I’ve had that happen countless times. It took me so long to figure out that i needed to go into Device manager to fix it. And the same with my SD Card reader, It says it’s working properly, but yet i put in a memory card, and no workage. A simple “Disable” and “enable” of the driver in Device Manager fixes it.

    Windows Explorer crashes on my daily, I can’t run basic programs without running into numerous problems.

    Vista has outdone itself with so many screw ups. By taking away so many features that I came to love with XP. Such as the “Local Security Policy”..where did that go? I know i’ve seen it in the Buisiness edition, but for Home Premium, Home computers are nothing without security. And the simple, “Classic Logon” remember that one guys? It all involves Registry edits to get most of them back. It’s just too much effort to put forth when i can be putting that effort into enhancin my, clearly better, XP experience.

    I’ve got a Dual Boot with XP Pro and Vista home Premium. And i use Vista maybe once a month. If that.

    2 GB RAM
    900 GB Hard Drive
    Dual Core Processor.

    And it tells me i need more disk space.

    I think the programers for Vista spent too much time on the Animations, and Sho-offy effects that gave vista it’s wonderful name, that they forgot something. A halfway descent UI!!

    Never mind any of the hardware glitches and whatnot..

    Vista is Retarded

    And I am very surprised so many people have had the experience they have, to make them type “Vista is shit” into google, and come accross this.

  24. I bought a machine with Vista a few months ago but have just started using it when my XP machine died an honourable (yes, I am English, as is my father) death after four years almost uninterrupted (sp?) service.

    Nothing works with it. It doesn’t even come with Nero.

    Take heart, though. You have my guarantee that Mr Gates will have a very long and unpleasant experience at the hands of my cousin, Lucifer.

  25. I have only been using Vesta (it is much better as a crap ready meal than an operating system – and I bet Gates has as much a sense of humour as our new dear leader – Gordon Broon) for a couple of days but am being amazed every few minutes at what it cannot do.

    I tried to play an .avi file and windows media player (or should that be unplayer) can’t handle it. To quote Bart Simpson “What The Fuck?”

  26. To add to my last comment – I have downloaded and installed VLC media player and it works fine.

    Admitedly, Windows Media Player says that it just needs a new codec but with a new machine you should not have to go through all that crap just to do basic things.

    I hope that servant Salamander works as a replacement to Windows Explorer (or the weird thing that has replaced it). If I ever have a choice I will use anything in preference to Microshit products. Someday I may have the confidence to move to Linux.

  27. Vista really is a big pile of cack. I’ve worked in IT support for 10 years and this is definately the worst offering I’ve seen from MS so far. I just recently bought a very nice Dell laptop which came with it already on it as the XP option is no longer an option so I thought I’d bite the bullet and give it a go.

    Don’t get me wrong it’s a nice OS when it’s working but within the space of three weeks I’ve had to restore it twice, yes twice as MS updates have killed the logon process. Sometimes it’ll have a whinge about wireless drivers but other times not. Simply it’s just not good enough. I could maybe understand it if I was using a clone with some odd hardware in it but this is a bog standard Dell laptop for heavens sake.

  28. I just got this new intel laptop and in 3 days, things are already crashing and i have to now use my re-installation disk to redo it

    Vista is garbage and yes, I found myself here by googling “vista is shit”

  29. Oh my fu**ing god!! The seller told my father to buy a computer with Vista because its “modern”! Tomorrow I go to the shop to downgrade on XP. I cant stand this! Shame on Microsoft and evryone who tells us that Vista is good!!!!!!!!!!

  30. I have been using Vista Bussines for 1 month, this is NIGHTMARE. Every day starts slower, except those day that doesn’t start – I see black screen. Many pograms stops working – unpredictible. E.G. today aftert start sound and printer services don’t work. Another funny example – sound in some programs works in other not. Interface nice but also unstable. There is 1 positive asset of Bussiness Vista – You can make DOWNGRADE to XP

  31. I have bought a macbook. Vista convinced me. After the latest Vistashit ‘update’ I now have a $1700 Sony door stop. I used to like blue. Blue was my favorite color. I have now seen soooo many blue screens I hate blue.
    My new mac works. It just works. I could cry with happiness. I open it and there it is ready to go in about 1.2 nanoseconds. I now have so much time on my hands. I have this gap in my life where I used to have to struggle with installing new drivers, turning nag screens off and hunting down one obscure box to untick hidden 25 deep in windows so that I could work.
    So on this the calmer side of my vistashit woes I would like to offer something to all those who are still struggling…. enjoy:


  32. “The WOW starts now”, “Join the social”. They really need better marketing terms. But “mobile me” isn’t much better

  33. Well, Vista SP1 compounds the nightmare, you now get an “updated” piece of shit on a stick.

    I am amazed how Micro$oft have managed to make in run so slow in inter-stellar hardware, Quad core 4 gigs RAM ATI 3870×2 and its still slow.

    Crappest yet from Redmond, and that is saying something…

  34. I have worked in IT for many years. I have also used Micrisoft products for many years from Windows 1 (Yes I am that old).
    Windows Vista is the end of the line for Microsoft. It is indeed shit.
    It is inferior to WinXP SP2 in many areas. If Microsoft had any sense or dignity or decency they would offer a free downgrade from Vista to unsatisfied customers to XP if they are not satisfied. This is capitalism gone WRONG. I am not a fan of LINUX but I think the only winners here will be Apple and LINUX. This is the end for you Bill Gates (Seriously it is that bad)

  35. I was trying to find out if anyone knows why iTunes runs like crap on every PC I’ve ever seen it on, and came across this blog. Just interesting to me because for all the bad press it’s getting and blog posts like this, my home system running the 64-bit version has never given me a single hiccup I didn’t cause myself; my fiancee’s 32-bit Vista Premium has occasional problems but we’ve most often traced them back to something she did; the media PC I’m typing this on from my living room has been running great, playing every bit of content I’ve thrown at it without problems, until I decided to use iTunes on it of course. Lag lag lag, slow, unresponsive, pile of Apple crappola. I love the iPhone, yet I hate Apple and their continuing desire to make everything as proprietary as possible – yes, even worse than Microsoft.

    Anyhow, I’m curious after seeing all these comments from a year ago if anyone tracks back to this and has given Vista another go post-SP1? We’re staying away from it at work most likely, but on the server side I’m really impressed so far with Server 2008. And the code base between Vista and Server ’08 is neck deep, so there’s another interesting consideration. So any opinions change in the past year?


  37. I decided to give Vista another go after SP1 was released. It exact same as the last 2 times I gave it a chance. Its nice to begin with, then you hit the 2 week period and you get to the point where you snap, stop everything you are doing. Format and reload XP sp2. I use my hotmail account in Outlook 07. The outlook connector did not like vista and never synced properly. Pain in the ass when I had no emails coming in for 2 days not realising that its just fucked. The power management for laptops really shits me. Its very poor on vista and the options are so simple, with not much help from Acer either. Networking is a pain in the arse. I cant connect to printers on XP machines because of driver issues. I cant view Vista shared drives on XP machines. And the whole Network and sharing centre is a joke. Find options to turn things off takes 5 – 10 mins and usualy results in googling. Honestly, I use to love PC and hate Mac but now days. Im actually giving Mac a decent chance because Microsoft have fucked this one well and truly up

  38. I dual boot Vista and XP. 99% of the time I use XP. For some strange reason, which I can not yet work out yet I decided to start using it 4 days ago, what a mistake that was…

    …I uninstalled my ndivida GFX drivers as they were old. On rebooting I tried to install my new drivers and it just took so long I thought the installation had gone tits up. So I cancelled the installation and let Vista install them from the updates this also took ages. My patients by this time was very close to snapping.
    I tried to clam my patients by shouting every know curse word I could think of at Vista. I waited another minute for Vista to get it’s act together, my patients snapped and my middle finger did the 4 second dance. On reboot Vista gave me the middle finger and did the BSOD dance. Ok, fuck you Vista. I booted into XP and got massive satisfaction when I formatted my Vista partition. After the war I typed Vista is shit into google and found my way here.

  39. Im a tech, Ive put up with vist on my laptop for about 9 months now (just go get use to it…. lol).
    what use to take me 2 min on xp seems to take about 10 min on Vista, fucked if I know why, its always checkin connectons, bringing up useless warings I ve already set defauts on. Just every thing I do seem to take so long……………… , And my pc is now twice as powerful.. Vista sux stick with XP unless you are a stupid home user then go for it.

  40. What absolutely INFURIATES me about Vista is that it obviously took a huge amount of time and resources to add all the “eye candy” junk (big clunky multi-scale icons, windows that zoom at you rather than simply open, transparent window borders, 2.5D selection of open windows, etc.). This time COULD have been spent making a robust and fast OS. But no. They added the eye candy in lieu of anything that might have been an improvement. What an absolute waste. Did they really think that nobody would notice how often it crashes and hangs? Do transparent window borders make up for all the intrusive pop-ups? Can someone explain what these guys were thinking?

  41. vista is mad shit.
    so is word,
    specially when you lost your product key and it doesnt work,
    and you have bullshit case studies to type up.

  42. Heh, seems like everyone gets here by typing “Vista is shit” *lol*
    When my new laptop came with Vista it promptly started trying to mock me right after the installation. And honestly, who wouldn’t fall in love with that amazing user account control and all those other outstanding(ly crappy) features? So yeah, I quickly upgraded back to XP (well, maybe not so quickly because that bastard of an OS wouldn’t leave without a struggle), but there is still this disgusting vista-sticker on my laptop and it won’t go off! argh!
    I so hope Bill, the whole MS crew and MAINLY the designers are gonna burn in Hell for creating this disaster!

  43. Same as lots of other people, I typed ‘vista is shit’ into Google and this was the first page it returned. Had Vista on my new laptop and can’t believe the amount of hassle I’ve had – be it copying files from one drive to another, or trying to check-in to my flight and print my boarding pass in .pdf format (doesn’t work – crashes my browser), or trying to watch visualisations in Winamp (doesn’t work), or trying to get my son’s Webkinz to work (won’t start properly), or trying to configure my wireless network adapter (not recognised), or trying to play Warcraft with the same video settings as my older (slower) XP laptop used to run it in with no problems (non-starter, performance is too slow), the list just seems to go on and on.

    I recently downloaded SP1 and thought (hoped – ha) things would improve – but no chance, just the same as before, same problems.

    Microsoft, you should hang your head in shame. Many people purchase new computers with this piece of junk pre-loaded without even thinking about it, but after a couple of weeks of use, it soon becomes apparent that there are some major deficiencies.

  44. Fuck vista, fuck XP. I have my 98SE on my IntelliStation with 384 MB and Pentium III 700 MHz and it works faster than my friends’ shitloaded slick laptops and desktops. I’m a programmer, web developer and designer. I also work with professional photos. Most people use their machines for internet browsing or writing a simple documents that old Wordpad handles easily . Of course there’s a group of game aficionados who need lots od computing power and they should stick to XP with all crap disabled. Don’t let them tell you that a 2 years old computer is an old one. It’s a piece of fat bullshit to make you consume, stuff their pockets and screw up earth resources (and some other nations on the way).

  45. Yea same here , googled “Vista is shit” .

    Even now vista is shit, i installed Linux Mint 5 a few months ago and it is rock solid , stable and great. Use Open office and its great and now im learning assembler on it with a great linux assembler book. Ive also got a book on bash, thats like the old dos command line for any windows only guys and girls. The script in bash is similar to the old basic and VB6, and the assembler syntax is easier than haveing to jump hoops with segmentation in windows. Linux has a flat architecture which simply means it takes full advantage of the processor while windows uses only the 16 bit features of the processors thus segmentation issues.

    Anyway Vista is shit and XP is great but Linux is greater. You should try it.

  46. hehehe… this is true… i have had my new laptop (3-year cover on it) for about a month now… and yes, i am pissed off. MUCHLY. i was going to install XPSP2 onto it, but thats an infringement of the cover…
    anyway… happy vista-ing, or throwing it off a wall, whichever is funner…
    (ohhhh cromagnonXYZ, you are right… and they could store the list on a CMOS chip…)

  47. Vista is not that I hoped,but works fine for me,very stable.But copying files with Vista is a disaster,I agree.

    Acer 5520G
    Athlon x2 64 2.3
    320 GB
    GeForce 8600GT
    Vista Ultimate x64,XP Pro

  48. count me into the club, also googled “vista is shit” and ended up here, hilarious. I’m about to throw my user’s laptops out the window due to wireless issues.

    I can’t believe they can’t get something as simple as renewing WIFI ip addresses properly??!!! I thought they had figured this out years ago???


  49. similar story, wanted to get it off my chest, typed in google the same phrase as everyone else. Would be funny if I still wasn’t under the strong urge to throw the comp out of the window. The reasons are countless. The trigger in my case was searching for a filename in a folder as if searching in gigabytes of data. 170 files in 5 secs. Total Commander does a job light years better. Did I mentioned it was an indexed location? And my comp is rated 5.6-5.9. Thinking of switching to Mac and leaving winshit for good.





  51. BSOD 1 minute into first install. Took 20 reboots to install. Even then nothing works properly. Crashes and unexpectedly reboots every couple of minutes. Just not good enough.

  52. Oh my GOD, I spent so much time on vista and couldn’t figure out how to let it do those simple stuff, like how to set an environment variable — you can’t do a right click on “my computer” any more, windows decides to move that option to somewhere else, it is just PLAIN FUCKING STUPID. And it’s slow, I mean sloooooow.

    Visa offers absolutely no new enhancements to XP, just piled on lots more graphics and changed the UI for the worse.

    I’ve been using Mac for 3 years and I have to say the more I use a Mac the more I realize how SHIT windows is, the only reason I have to use VISTA is because my company forces me to use it, I really really hope Microsoft can just DIE quick so we can be spared of its misery.

  53. I agree with everything. I am fortunate enough to not be able to run vista on my home PC as it is pretty old and has 256MB RAM. I just hate Microsoft on the whole because they try to sell us shit products at premium prices. When will everyone realise that Linux has about a millionth of the problems and costs feck all. Thumbs up to the linux community. Also I am British hence Microsoft prices are about twice as much as in America. I mean who the fuck would want to spend £250 on an OS that can’t do the simplest of tasks… such as run properly. Fuck you Microsoft. Fuck you and everything you stand for!

  54. Howdy Microshit users

    As a long time Mac user I decided to get a shiny new Vaio with vista for its blu ray option, thinking I would just use the machine to play dvds and browse the net.

    Hey, it plays blu ray just fine (after a ridiculous amount of fiddling) but the sound keeps going on and off for everything else. One day I’ve got computer sound, the next day I don’t.

    I don’t have enough time left in my life to devote to this unbelievable wreak of an operating system. S I just have this delightful portable blu ray player, just as I had originally intended. I had hoped to get a functional computer along with it, but, c’est la vie. At least according to MS.

  55. Funny, I’ve heard that vista sales are going very bad and to find out why i’ve typed “vista is shit” in google and this was the very first link.

    I’m a programmer and IT engineer and been to IT industry for 7 years now. I have vista on my laptop (which came with it by default). Although i cannot say that i experience often crashes with this OS, it indeed behaves weird form time to time.
    1) fresh XP SP2 installation (without drivers, any kind of software etc.) takes about 3.5GB, can be installed to P2 64MB RAM PC and has 27 PROCESSES (this can be cut down to 20 after a bit of tweaking) running. Dunno vista’s minimum allowable PC configuration, but fresh installation uses 16GB of disk space and in my case had 73 PROCESSES running!! (aero was disabled). Dunno if vista and XP count the amount of the running processes differently, but the fact stays – vista was running three times more processes. By tweaking this number was reduced to 40, but a lot of shit of unknown functionality remained active.

    2)boot time in my case is not bad at all. After removing a lot of useless shit from auto startup vista boots faster than my XP SP2, but definitely slower then XP updated to SP3. After boot, vista works slower in all modes and with pretty much all tasks. Maybe process priority management is not good

    3)HDD operations are buggy and are VERY slow in vista. winrar hangs during moving decompressed files from temporary folders to destination folder regulary.

    4)I’ve never been able to get network services work properly. I have to access other computers in my home LAN only by typing their IP adresses in the “run program” utility. Network printers and getting them working is the whole mysterious saga

    5)laptop power management is a joke and its settings are even more of a joke. Those are not great in XP, but definitely better than in vista

    6)i like the idea of putting all the settings for one subsystem (e.g. networking subsystem) to a one single place. But I hate the realization of this concept in vista. Plenty of “control centers” is not helping and is not making system management simpler and faster. XP has two main utlilities – control panel and MMC for advanced users. In vista i have to deal with control centers, that are integrated into the control panel. I do not see any reason for introducing this additional level of control utilities. For example, network control center is a nightmare.

    7)user profile management sucks big time in vista

    I’m going to give a 2008 longhorn server a go. The last 2003 server was great and I’m looking forward to try newer and improved version. Hope its management and usage is not similar to vista. Usually, windows servers are much more stable and controllable than their “user” products, and with a bit of tuning they can also be used on home PC’s without any troubles

  56. I just had to, somewhere, make a public statement: VISTA SUCKS !!! (And this blog came up from searching ‘vista sucks shit’ ) I know it’s not a constructive post, but I just needed to VENT before doing damage. Never in my career have I had so many urges to throw a computer against a wall than when dealing with one loaded with this, most bloated, crappy piece of sh_t operating system! Ughh.

  57. FUCK VISTA FOR LIFE. Especially the 64bit version which makes life hell. Stupid errors and black screens of death again and again. Switched to XP pro and everything worked flawlessly especially games. Good god what a piece of garbage. I spent 3 hours trying to get out of an infinite windows update loop which restarted your comp over and over. The thing is…it was caused by an update from microsoft…which is still being sent out to users, effectively fucking up their comp.

  58. What amazes me about how much of a PIECE OF SHIT Vista is…is that you don’t even have to do anything for it to break. Literally nothing. It finds new ways to fuck me every single day. It’s like a jack-in-the-box…you never know when the fucker is going to explode all over you…but you know IT’S GOING TO HAPPEN. Mother fucking MicroSoft will never get another goddam cent from me.

  59. Microsuck has always produced shit but you continue to use it. Talk about the “fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me” saying. You blokes either move to Linux or STFU.

  60. Mircosofts share price currently is often indicate of quality. Windows XP afterall was
    90% of the brilliant 2000 Professional. They have made rubbish every
    since. Go Unix or if you must the Mac version. Be a leader not a lamb
    to the Microsoft marketing slaughter.

  61. Couldn’t agree more! It’s a complete crock: it crashes, it’s slow, annoying (popups, popups, popups, popups) and EVERYTHING has been moved around – why bother?

    The worst thing “You left your laptop for a while so I downloaded (yet another) update and restarted the PC. Oh, you were working on it and you’ve lost your work, or what you were doing? Sorry. Tough”.

    Second worst thing: switch it on and it immediately tells you to reboot. What kind of machine tells you to switch it off again, the moment you switch it on?

    Microsoft need to learn, we DON’T CARE about the o/s. I don’t care about 6 trillion popups, endless patches, endless restarts. I want to switch my pc on and start working on it. When I’m done I want to switch it off. End of.

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