4 million KWh

My day job is working on traffic signals. Day in and day out that’s what I do. Nobody stops and really thinks about them till they are not working but everybody understands them. One thing that most people don’t know is how much power it takes to run traffic signals at a intersection. That’s why when I read the following at autobloggreen.com I thought it was cool that someone was taking notice.

Seville (Spain) has decided to replace gradually all the old halogen and incandescent traffic lights (that use 35 and 70W bulbs) for LEDs, which have a power output of only 6 to 15 W. This is claimed to save the city up to a 85 percent in the traffic light electricity bill, plus a bigger lifespan of the product. Savings are up to almost 4 million KWh which reduce CO2 emissions in 4,000 tons.

Here in Wichita, every new signal is LED’s and as old ones go bad they are changed over to LED’s. What Seville is doing is no different then what most city’s are doing but its nice that someone understands why there being changed to LED’s.

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