Waiting for the Red Rings

Now that I have my Xbox 360 back I thought I would share my thoughts on the whole ordeal. First thing is that this never should of happen in the first place. Paul Thurrott has said may times on Windows Weekly that he saw when Microsoft was working in the 360 before it was a console and ask them “How are you going to get all this hardware into a console?”. Guess it fit but now runs hot.

Another thing is that they didn’t fix my system. They just gave me a new one. How does that work? I would understand if the manufacturer’s date on the one I got back was a month old or something around there but it wasn’t. It was four months older then the one I sent in. So there not fixing the problem, there just replacing systems with new system that could still give you the red rings. And if your just going to replace them why should the old one be sent in and wait a month to get a new one? Why not work a deal with a store so people could just bring there broke one in and get a new one.

Overall they are not fixing the problem. There trying to control bad P.R. and if I get another set of red rings I might just break down a go with a PS3. Which is sad because up to this point I really liked my 360. Now it fells like I am just waiting for it to break.

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