Tactical Gaming Done Right

I have been gaming for as long as I can remember. There are thing in real life that are never apart of games. You know the small things like it takes a full clip to kill someone. Health pack always have the red X on them and are everywhere. Lets not forget that every city in the world has far to many wooden crates so they must be left in the streets.

But lets say that it didn’t take a clip to kill someone. One or two shots and your dead. Health pack or a medic are nowhere to be seen and there isn’t a wooden crate for hundreds of miles. Now you must use tactics. Run and gun is going to get you killed quick. Thats tactical gaming and the best known for this is the Rainbow Six games (ok maybe not all the Rainbow Six games). But Rainbow Six isn’t the only tactical game out there. The list is huge ranging from First Person Shooters to flight simulators. Some do it better than others and some get it all wrong.

Thats where dslyecxi.com comes in. Dslyecxi has put together what I think is the best overview of tactical games out there. He covers everything from the impact of goggles on your vision to what effects obstructions should have on your weapon handling. Everything is covered here and there are many videos so you can clearly understand the points he is trying to get across. So if your into tactical gaming be sure to read his article Tactical Gaming Done Right and the follow up Best of Tactical Gaming: Infiltration.

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