Imagine a World With Two Dimensions

Back when Star Trek: TNG was on Fox every week I use to watch it all the time. Out all the episodes that I have seen there are two quotes that have always stayed with me. One is by Brent Spiner who played Data, an android who could feel human emotions. In this episode there is a dark cloud in front of the Enterprise. All sensors on the ship are showing that there is nothing in front of them but they can still see it. They can see that is has a shape, it has mass and there for must have weight but there sensors are showing that it has no dimensions. Thats when Data asked the question “Is no dimension at all a dimension within its self?”.

That in a round-about way led me to the book Flatland by Edwin A. Abbott. Its the story of a square living in a two dimensional world (Flatland) when he is visited by a sphere from the three-dimensional world (Spaceland). The sphere tries to tell the square about Spaceland but the square doesn’t understand till he is taken from Flatland into Spaceland. From there the square starts to wonder if a forth, fifth, and sixth dimensions could be.

As luck would have it you can check out this book online with Google Book Search and many other places. But I would rather read the book with it in my hands then online and you can get it from Amazon for under $5.00. Not a bad deal at all.

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  1. I ordered Flatland the Movie, they entered my zip code wrong- leaving ovv the first zero- so I have not gotten the 30-minute movie. When I emailed them about it, they replied that it was unfortunate but that they noticed in my email I mentioned my classroom and that “it was illegal to show it to my students and Seth (that’s his name) would adjust my order accordingly [to upgrade to the $150 version].” Are they kidding??? Flatland doesn’t fit into the Boston Public curriculum; I wanted to show it for entertainment! What a junk company.

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