Back Home on XP

I started off dual booting Vista and Ubuntu and loved it. Didn’t love getting the two to dual boot but once that was covered it was great. The only reason I was going into Vista was to use iTunes and download podcasts. Now I know that there are ways to download podcast and get them to your iPod on Linux but iTunes makes it so easy. Anyway after a keneral update, Ubuntu won’t boot and I didn’t fell like going over what could be wrong so I just formatted the drive and put Ubuntu as the only OS.

That was fine till I started trying to get Compiz-Fusion to work. Add that its still in beta and that I have a ATI card and that theres no real easy way to install video drivers in Ubuntu and I said fuck it again. Format the drive and get out my XP cd. Now that I am back on XP I don’t see any reason to go back to Ubuntu or upgrade to Vista. I really can’t think of anything that Ubuntu or Vista have that would want to make me switch. Maybe after Service Pack 1 for Vista comes out or Ubuntu gets a little better that might change but for now XP still has everything that I need.


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