BioShock is Lost

A few weeks ago I wrote about the BioShock Demo and how cool it was. I wrote about how I was not really into it till the demo came out how it hooked me but the problem now is that I can’t find it. Really its no where to be found. I was at the mall today and went into GameStop and not one copy to be seen anywhere. Its unreal. Even with the messed up release of Gears of War there were still copies everywhere.

The part that sucks the most is that I was ready to pay the $60 for the game, something that I never do for a single player game, and nobody has it. I even went into a place I hate (Blockbuster) to see if it was there and of course it wasn’t. But the good part is that since I can’t find it I just saved $60 because now I will just wait till I can rent it for a few days and it will only cost me $5. On the other hand I am still going to spend the $60 when The Orange Box comes out.

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