Yahoo Pipes to Digg Pics

Digg someday will have a image section but some people didn’t want to wait for that. This is where Peteris Krumins comes into the picture (get it!). He went ahead and made a website called that pulls all the post from that have pic/pics/images/etc. words in titles or descriptions and puts them on his page. He has a post on his site about what it took to make it work and if you read thru it you will see that it took a good amount of work. I started to think there must be a much easyer way to do this.

Thats when I remembered Yahoo Pipes. If you don’t know what Yahoo Pipes is all about check out the site now or using there words “Pipes is a powerful composition tool to aggregate, manipulate, and mashup content from around the web.”. So you can take RSS feeds and manipulate them anyway you want to get the info that you want and nothing else. Of course you can do other things but thats what I did with Digg Pictures.

What I did was take the RSS feed for the front page stores and the RSS feed for the upcoming stores and had Yahoo Pipes look for anything that might be a picture or about a picture. So its looking for the words pic, picture, pictures, photo, photos, and screenshots in the title or the description. Its also looking in the link for .jpg, .gif, and .png. From there it takes the link for the story or picture itself and uses that and not the link back to So you can now just go to the page for Digg Pictures on Yahoo Pipes and get linked to the story or picture directly. Also it shows the number of Diggs and the number of comments after the description. Isn’t that much easier then building a whole new site.

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