Lights At Every Speedway

I went to the Kansas Speedway over the weekend to watch the Busch and Nextel Cup races there and it was fun but if lights were there nothing that happen at the end of the race would of been a big deal. So let me tell you want happen.

On Sunday was the Nextel Cup race and it was to start at 1pm. Problem number one right there but lets move on. After a few laps rain started and the race was stopped. The rain was short so they dry the track and start again. This time for till they got past halfway and the rain came again only this time there was a lot of it. Now when the race gos past halfway, Nascar can call the race for whatever reason and it would be official. If they don’t get to halfway you have to start again the next day. Now with the high winds that day the rain moved away pretty fast and they again go about drying the track. This took almost 3 hours.

After this nice gap in the race most, not all, the people start to come back to there seat because Nascar is going to start the race again. Now at this point there is no way there going to get the full race in before it gets dark so they change the race to 225 laps. So the race gets going again and there are a few crashes and now there is no way there going to get to lap 225 so they change it again 210 laps.

Now its getting dark. The sun is close to setting and there is a yellow flag with about 4 laps to go. Now if you don’t know Nascar started something call and Green, White, Checkered. That means the if the yellow flag come out at the end of the race and there going around the track under yellow on the official last lap that the race will not end. It will go into something like a overtime and the driver get 2 laps to end the race under green. If there is a crash in the two laps the race is over. They did this because there were alot of races ending under the yellow flag and fans were not liking it at all. But none of this happen at Kansas. Nascar said that because of the darkness that the race was going to end under yellow and there was not going to be a Green, White, Checkered finished.

Now to add to this the leader, Greg Biffle, was very low on fuel and on the last lap couldn’t keep up with the pace car when it went across the finished line. The two cars behind Biffle, Clint Bowyer and Jimmie Johnson, drove past him to get behind the pace car and cross the finished line before him but Greg Biffle was still given the win. The rule is that if you can not maintain pace-car speed and fall back in line then you lose your position. Again, none if this happen on Sunday.

Now I have no problem with them restarting the race knowing that they couldn’t get it all in. I wanted them to restart it. I also have no problem with them cutting down the number of laps. I have no problem with anything that Nascar did on Sunday if it would of finished under green. Thats why every track need lights. You don’t have to run all the races at night. You need them for exactly what happen at the Kansas Speedway. There are a lot of pissed of people that left the track that day and some are not coming back. The money that the light would cost would more then pay for itself in good P.R. and people coming back next year. But that’s going to happen.

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