So, My iPhone

I finally got my iPhone and I am loving it. Hundred times better than the crap Sprint phone I had but there are some things that have me guessing. Such as with the iTune on the phone. I get why you can only use it with Wi-Fi but why can’t I see what’s in my shopping cart? I have a list of stuff that I would like to get but haven’t gotten around to it and if I could just do it on my phone when the mood hit me, why not?

I agree that not being able to install apps sucks but that should soon be taken care of. I also wish that you could sync Google Calendar with the calendar on the phone. That would be awesome. And there is the slowness of the Edge network. At times here in Wichita it seem somewhat fast and other times it take forever just to check my gmail account. So its nice that there is Wi-Fi.

I’m keeping this post short by saying that there is far more things that I love about the phone then I hate. More to come.

P.S. – As my mother so kindly reminded me, she is the one that got me the phone for a early Christmas present. Yes, she is that awesome and no she will not adopt you.


  1. Glad you like your new phone. Did I hear “Thanks a million, Mom, it’s awsome”? Now, what is Santa getting me for Christmas..???

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