iPhone Killer: LG Voyager

There is a guy I work with that can’t get a iPhone because he is with Verizon and we use Sprint at work. So when he saw the LG Voyager he started telling me that its better than the iPhone. So now I had to do some searching about this great phone and I found that its not so much a iPhone killer as it is a iPhone want-a-be. Not a bad looking phone over all but seems to copy to much from Apple.

The phone has a touch screen on the front with icons and its look alot like the iPhone. Rows on icons for apps then 4 icons on the bottom for Email, Phone, Contacts and Numbers. The big difference is that the QWERTY keyboard is not on the front of the phone. The phone opens up to a full QWERTY keyboard and another screen.

The funny thing is that this is not a new phone. The touch screen part is but not the phone itself. The first time I saw this one was in the movie The Saint and its the LG VX9900. They took that phone and just put a touch screen on it to draw in the iPhone people. The big thing that I saw about the phone is that there claiming 480 hours of standby time. Thats 20 days. Little hard to believe. Over all not a bad phone but not really new.

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