iPhone – Few Weeks In

I have been using the iPhone for a few weeks now and over all it has been great. By far the best phone I have owned. But, like with everything in life there are things that I wish were apart of the phone or were changed in a future update.

The first thing is the speaker. On the bottom of the phone there is the plug in jack and on one side of that is the speaker and the other is the mic. The problem is that at times its not load enough. It needs to be one and a half times louder then it is now.

Next is SMS. I like the bubble style and that its something like a chat program. Everything is in line and finding old messages I’d pretty easy. My question is why is there no preset messages? I love the keyboard on the phone but there is 8 gigs of space on the phone. I’m sure there’s room for them.

One of the biggest things for me has to do with the version of Safari that the phone is using. This is the one app that I use the most, bunch of times a day to check everything from the weather to Digg. Over all its great and zooming in to read works find but my problem is that I have no way to open up a new page from a link if its not already set to do so. This is something that is really needed when your wanting to read story’s from Digg. Now you have to keep using the same tab and when your done, keep hitting the back button to get back to the list of story’s.

To group some things together –

The weather app needs to have more info than just the temp
I would like to remove some of the icons like the Stocks app because I what no use what so ever for it
Notes needs to add some sort of to-do list
It would be nice to have the Calender on the phone and Google Calender or whatever one you use to work together
I would like to use voice dial when using the earbuds and have the name of the contact that is calling me said through the earbuds (reason is that if I am using the earbuds then I don’t have the phone out and if thats the case I don’t want to get it out to see who is calling and then answer it when all I would have to do listen and then click the button/mic on the earbuds)
Use the Wi-Fi on the phone to get podcast with out syncing with iTunes
Some more camera options would be nice.


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