Holy Crap, Another iPhone Story

Here is something that happen to me today where I was glad that I had the iPhone with me.

Friday I went to Blockbuster to rent Call of Duty 4 so I could play it over the weekend (great game BTW). When I went to check it out the little card machine was showing some sort of error message. I told the girl that was there, think it was her first week there or something, and she had to call someone to tell her how to fix them. Turns out that every system had to be rebooted. She does that and I check out my game.

Yesterday I was looking online at my account and saw that there were three charges for $5.35 from Blockbuster on the same day. So today I stop by Blockbuster with my receipt to show them that I only rented one game. But before I went into the store I got out my iPhone and checked my account to make sure the charges were still there. They were so I go inside and tell the women there what happen. She tells me, after looking at my account history, that it only shows one charge for $5.35. Thats when I take out my phone and show her the three charges. After looking for a few seconds she then starts to give me a refund.

But the funny thing about it all was when she was doing what ever she had to do for my refund she got out a calculator to add up 5.35 times two.

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