Vista's Bad Design

I made a post about a year ago giving my thoughts on why I think Vista was bad. I gave it the title of Vista = Shit on a Stick. Turns out that alot of people felt the same way I do and left comments on why they think Vista is shit. At the time I wrote that post Vista was still very new and SP1 was not out yet but now it is.

Now that SP1 is out and I have been using Vista again for a few months it hit me. Its just bad design. Most of the time I don’t think about this but it hit me when I was using my girlfriends Mac Mini. The User Interface is like night and day and I am not talking about the fancy stuff like Expose on the Mac or Flip 3D on Windows. Its about how many clicks of the mouse will it take to get to where I need to go. To show how it is much better on a Mac I made three videos where all I wanted to do was change the time it take for the screen to shuts off.

There are two ways of doing this in Vista, at least for a normal user. The first way that most people will do is thru the start menu. So it gos as followed – Start Menu, Control Panel, System and Maintenance, Power Options and then what you need to click on is in the left hand menu.

Now the way I did it was right click on the desktop, Personalize, Screen Saver (brings up new window), Change power setting (brings up new window), and then Choose when to turn off display which is on the left side menu again.

Now lets do the same thing on a Mac. Click on the Apple logo, System Preferences (video did show me doing this, it jumped), Energy Saver. Thats it.

So what do you think? Is Mac OS X really better then Vista or am I just giving in to the marketing hype?

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  1. I agree. I commented on the Vista = Shit on a Stick blog. And I still stand where i did when i commented. SP1 took about two days to install. And I STILL run into countless problems. The only Issue with me, is the computer industrys have made computers compatible with Vista, and Vista only. My laptop has hardware that Drivers can only be found for vista. XP works, but it’s slow, as the drivers aren’t compatible. I loaded Ubuntu, and LOVE it. It’s just the wirless card. It’s not native. So that’s an issue with me.

    I do agree though. Too many clicks to get to simple stuff. Bleck

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