Quick Thoughts on the iPhone 2.0 and App Store

On Friday Apple released the 2.0 update for the iPhone and open the App store in iTunes. With the launch of the App store there are over 500 Apps to load on your phone and more to come. I have been downloading and playing with a lot of them over the weekend and some are really good and some make make you ask what the hell were they thinking.

2.0 Update

Not a lot has really changed with the 2.0 update for the Edge phones. There is the stuff that every one already knows like the Scientific Calculator, the support for Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync and of course support for MobileMe. You can now save pictures from Safari to your phone by just holding your finger on the image for a few seconds.

What really stands out for me are the things that I wished the iPhone had from the start that I posted about before. The syncing of the calender can now be done with MobileMe. You can now get a better weather app then the default on in the App Store and there are a few to do apps you can get so Notes seems kind of pointless now.

(Links with the iTunes logo next to them will open the app in iTunes.)

Here is one that I don’t understand why it didn’t make it in. You can not sync your podcast from iTunes to the phone over your own Wi-Fi. But Apple themselves released an app called Remote that allows you stream music from iTunes to your phone. If anyone can make a app for syncing podcasts over Wi-Fi please do. I would even pay for it.

Another thing that really needs to be added is support for MMS (Multi-media Messaging Service). Why the so called most advance phone out there can not do MMS make no sense to me. Even if it was only on the 3G phone would be fine to me. Its just another reason to update.

Apps and the App Store

The reason that I jailbroke my phone a few months ago was just for the apps that people were making. The only reason now to do so is to use the iPhone on other networks. There are just about any app you can thing of out now and some of the best ones are still free.

If your a Twitter freak you can get Twitterrific free or there is a pay version with no ads but the one that I like best is Twittelator . Twitterrific seems to run slow on my EDGE phone and the free version has ads. They can add pictures to your update with twitpic.com and both can add your location. But for some reason when adding a picture with Twitterrific I lose the keyboard and taking and uploading it. Plus it has crashed my phone a few times.

Some of the other ones that you should check out are YPmobile . It is yellowpages.com app that uses your location to help you find what you tell it to search for. If you want a free game there is Cube Runner . If you want to share anything with a bunch of social sites there is ShoZu . If you like me and live in a area where the weather can change in minutes you need the WeatherBug app.

Some of the app are just using there site and running it through the app like Google. When searching for something with the Google app it just brings up the Google search results page without launching Safari. Not really a big deal but they didn’t think about the Edge users still out there. If they did it would bring up the mobile version of there site. So I am just staying with google.com/m for now.

The Facebook app is also disappointing. It is using the default iPhone images for just about everything from the background to the title bar. And for some reason you can not read the wall for anyone with the app. The mobile version of there site at iphone.facebook.com is so much better.

Mobile Flickr is another one that missed the mark. It has the basics that you would want are there like finding people photos, upload photos, tag them and so on but they want you to pay $2.99 for it. There are other apps that will allow you to much of the same things for free ShoZu. If your a pro user of Flickr you should get Mobile Flickr for free.

If your a Edge user there is not much in the 2.0 update other than the App Store and I fell that there is still a ton of things that Apple can do to make the iPhone so much better. So what are your thoughts on the new update?


  1. Hi Mike, I just thought I’d point out that Mobile Flickr is not an official Flickr app. It’s developed by me and thus 3rd party like the rest of them. I’m pretty sure that we’re going to see a wave of much needed updates for every application as soon as the App Store catches a breath!

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