Chicago Trip and How I Almost Died

Back in May I took a trip back home to Chicago. We just hung out with family, walked around Navy Pier and had some Chicago deep dish pizza. It was a fun trip but the fun really started when we tried to get back home. First the service that was going to pick us up and drop us off at O’Hare had the wrong day. So now we’re not going to make our flight home and had to pay $400 to get a new seat on a plane. We finally get to O’Hare and wait for our plane to show up. Now this is a small plane with just two seats on the right and just one on the left. We get on and now were on our way home but wait it gets better.

During the week they were storms in Wichita every night. I checked the weather for the time our first flight would be landing and all was good. But now we are going to land at around 9pm. Right when the storms start popping up. So I check the radar on my iPhone as we are getting on the plane and wouldn’t you know it – the storms are going to be right over Wichita right at the time we are going to land. Fucking great.

So were flying along and I am just playing with my iPod when the pilot comes on and say that we are going to be landing soon and that there are storms in the area. I have no control over the plane so I just go back to my iPod while we make are way though the clouds. The plane is just bouncing around and there is lighting everywhere (that was cool). Then as we just get below the clouds the plane drops for about 3 seconds. Some women in the front screams and the two older couple next to me look like they’re about to freak out. My heart picks up for about a minute after that then were back to just bouncing around as we come in for the landing.

I am in the left side of the plane were there is only one seat so I am looking out the window. I know Wichita and can tell that we are coming in from the north. As we get close to the ground the plane start bouncing around more and more but I see that we are really close to landing when the plane takes a sharp turn sideways. I hear the engines pick up power and the pilot pulls up and quits the landing.

Once he got the plane just below the storm clouds again he gets on the mic and tells us that he really didn’t like that landing and that we are just going to fly around for awhile and wait for a gap in the storm. Then he says that we are the last flight into Wichita and that all other flights were diverted to Oklahoma City and if we don’t get a gap in the storm we are going to have to go there because of fuel. Now I am thinking great, all the shit that has happen today and now we’re going to OKC to sit around some more and wait to fly back to Wichita. And I have to go to the bathroom now.

After about 15 minutes of bouncing all over the place the pilot says that we can’t wait anymore and that he’s going to try one more time to land and to turn off all radios and phones. At this point the old couple next to me looks over and sees that I still have my earbuds in and ask me if my radio is turned off. I wanted to tell them that it’s not a radio and that it’s not transmitting anything but they were still about to freak out so I just put it away.

So the pilot brings us back around and starts to bring the plane down and we are still bouncing around as much as the first time. I kept waiting for him to pull out again but then I fell the wheels hit the runway. For about 20 seconds nobody made a sound then everyone started to clap. And to top this wonderful day off then don’t bring the plane up to one of the covered loading docks. They stop the plane at the end of one of the terminals and bring a latter over for us to get off in a downpour.

So ya…that is how I almost died.

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