Vista = Shit on a Stick – Part 2

About a year and a half ago I wrote a post about how much I hated Vista. It seems that alot of people agreed because there is now 55 comments on that post and its the most viewed post on my site. But since then I have been using Vista full time and my option of it has changed somewhat. I still think that it sucks but not as bad as I use to think.

I have Mint installed on this site just to see what everyone is looking at. So here are some stats. Of course the number one most viewed post is Vista = Shit on a Stick followed by a post I made about getting the Red Rings of Death. The top referrers I get are from search engines with the words Vista and Shit in them. And as a side note, the most used browser used is Firefox. But stats aren’t everything.

A few weeks ago I got my first Mac. Its one of the new MacBook’s that Steve Job’s announced during his last keynote. Since I have never really used a Mac as my main system, it takes some getting use to but the learning curve is not that bad. And since I been using my MacBook I haven’t even booted my PC at all. I bring this up because of the 55 comments on the other post. To all the people that didn’t like Vista as much as me I would take a serious look at the new MacBook’s and the iMac’s.

Now I do think that Vista has gotten better snice my other post but not enought for me to keep using it. The biggest reason that I was using windows before was for gaming. But since I got a 360 I haven’t played any games on my PC. So with that reason gone I swiched to a Mac. But one thing that makes me laugh now is Windows 7 coming out next year. Its as if Microsoft themself are saying don’t but Vista because who is going to buy it now when a new version is coming out in a year.

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  1. Windows 7 had better be good otherwise they are gonna get no custom… people aint gonna fall for the same shit twice. I would happily get a mac but if you havent noticed they are twice as much as the PC equivalent… i just cant afford…

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