Review: iPhone OS 3.0 Software Update

So the iPhone 3.0 update came out last week and I have been looking forward to it since it was first announced months ago. That was till the WWDC keynote where Apple said MMS was going to work on day one from about every one but AT&T. That put AT&T down there with Sprint in my book but lets look at the other stuff that the 3.0 update brings to the iPhone.

Cut, Copy & Paste – This is by far the most long awaited feature. There is not really much to say other than it does what it says. But I would say that this should of been in from the start or at least in the 2.0 update.

Landscape Keyboard – Again this is something that should of been in phone from the start but since it wasn’t and the iPhone is my first smart phone I had no idea what I was missing. I can say now that I love landscape keyboard and if I every get something other than a iPhone its going to have it.

Spotlight Search – For me, I have no real use for this since I don’t have a lot of notes and I don’t get a ton of email. But for people using the iPhone for work or people that get a lot of email, Spotlight Search must be a god send. Plus being able to search in apps is great.

Voice Memos – Once again something that I have very little or no use for. Its a new app that does just what it says, recored voice memos. You can then send them in a email or MMS (unless your on AT&T of course).

Internet Tethering – This lets you use your iPhone as a modem for your computer. Once again this doesn’t work if your on AT&T but when it does there a strong chance that if you want to use Internet Tethering it going to cost you extra.

Find My iPhone and Remote Wipe – This only works if you have a MobileMe account (I do) but I think this is the best part of the 3.0 update. When you log in to MobileMe you go your account page and you can see on a Google map where your phone is. Then you can send a message to the phone and the phone will display it and make a sound for two minutes straight. If you get no reply to your message you can then wipe the phone clean from MobileMe.

There are a lot of people that don’t like MobileMe for one reason or another. I have had no problems with it and find it very useful for keeping my contacts and calendar synced between my iPhone and my MacBook. I was starting to think about using Google to keep everything synced because its free but with Find My iPhone and Remote Wipe in MobileMe now I am not moving anything.

All the stuff above works on the iPhone 3G. Apple launched a new iPhone called the 3G S (the S means speed). This new phone has a better camera and can record video, the 3G cannot. But not only will the 3G S record video you can also trim your video on the phone. You can then send that video to YouTube, MobileMe, send it a email or send it in a MMS (unless your on AT&T).

The 3G S also has something that should of been in from the start and that is Voice Control. It works just like you think it should but being a Apple product they took it a little further and added Voice Control to the iPod part of the iPhone.

One of the new apps in the 3G S that I would love to have is the built-in digital compass. This would be very handy to have while driving because with the 3G phone the map is pointing north at all times. On the 3G S with the built-in digital compass the map will rotate depending on the direction that you are heading. Very handy.

So I have mix felling about the 3.0 update. Most of it should of been in the phone from the start but at the same time I am glad there here now. Other then the MMS crap AT&T is pulling. Then there is the new 3G S iPhone. There is enough added to the phone that makes me wants to get one plus it faster. But that also means a new 2 year contact and $200 and I am not sure I want to stay with AT&T that long.

So what do you think of the 3.0 update? Did you get the new 3G S iPhone?

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