The Day of The iPad

Today is the day that Apple released it’s new “magical and revolutionary product” the iPad. A 9.7 inch Multi-Touch tablet or as some call it a really big iPod Touch. People have been waiting in lines for a few days to be the first to pay what will be the highest price point for this new product. I will not be one of the few million that will get a iPad, at least not this version.

The problems I have with the iPad are many. First is that it is a new untested product and there are already some things that people are finding out that make you say What the Hell? Another is, like all Apple products, the first version always cost the most. Remember the first gen. iPhones? Also there is going to be a iPad with a camera and it will for sure have a bigger hard drive. So why spend the money now when I can wait a year and get a much better, much more tested product for close to the same cost as today?

But my biggest problem with the iPad, and it seems to be the direction that Apple is heading, is the eco-system that you have to buy into. With the iPhone I was willing to do just that because there was nothing as good. It was so far better then any phone out at the time I didn’t mind Apple having full control over anything that you could put on it. I don’t fell that same way about the iPad because it is a niche product and it doesn’t fill any gap in my life. My MacBook does everything that I need it to do and I don’t have to wait for Apple to approve some app and get it into iTunes to do some work. As it is now you are paying for a product and then told what you can and can’t do with it.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Apple products. I have more then enough stuff with a Apple logo on it and I do because they are very well made and easy to use. But when Apple starts telling me what I can and can’t do with the product I just paid for, I have a big problem with that. It is a very strange world we live in when Microsoft is a more open company than Apple.

Apple’s iPad videos on YouTube.

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