COD4 Trailer is Sex for the Eyes

Call of Duty 1 took the over played WW2 games and made them fun again. Then again in COD2 they, meaning Infinity Ward, made it better. But then came COD3. Yet another WW2 game and not a very good one at that but its wasn’t made by Infinity Ward. Now we have Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. I wasn’t sure what to think when they said they were making COD4. Mostly I thought “Great another WW2, just what we need”. Turns out its nothing like that.

So here is the setup. Take everything that made COD 1 so good, put it in the 21st century and have the power of the next gen consoles. And put it back in the hands of Infinity Ward. This is the part I like best because nobody does this anymore. Release a trailer for the game only using footage from the game. Nice!

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