Sometimes you have to let go

Here I am posting another video. Before you watch this you must know, there is a reason that Dave Mirra uses a full face helmet. You can’t see it from this video but when it was on TV you can see some of his teeth roll on the ground.


20 inch

Flatland BMX is an evolution of the freestyle BMX movement and (some influence from) break dancing, and has been refined into one of the hardest sports to master (hand-eye-body-coordinati on-wise) in all of action sports. Still keeping true to freestyle, this form of cycling involves many scuffing, spinning, rolling, and hopping tricks while balancing on only one wheel of the bike for a duration of time. Many tricks may be linked together to form links – and some may last for as long as 4 minutes at a time whithout the rider’s foot or both tires touching the ground.


So Long Sprint

I have been wanting to cancel my Sprint account for some time now and then I found this info tonight and it was a dream come true. You see this all started over a year ago when I was paying for my phone thru work. It was on the company account but under my name and I was paying the bill. The biggest problem with that was when ever I wanted to change anything it had to go thru the office. So when I told them I wanted to change to the Fair and Flexible plan they called Sprint and did so. Problem is that the person at Sprint that they talked to never told them that if the account was changed it would add another year on the plan. That was when I had it with Sprint.

Tonight I found out thru that Sprint raised pay-per-use text messaging rates to $.15 per message. People are saying that this is a material change to services provided. Now this is the wording in the Sprint contact.

We may change the Agreement at any time with notice. Any changes to the Agreement are effective when we publish them. If you use our Services or make any payment to us on or after the effective date of the changes, you accept the changes. If we change a material term of the Agreement and that change has a material adverse effect on you, you may terminate the Agreement without an Early Termination Fee by calling 1-888-567-5528 within 30 days after the changes go into effect. You understand and agree that taxes, Universal Service fees and other charges imposed by the government or based on government calculations may increase or decrease on a monthly basis, and that this paragraph does not apply to any increases in such taxes, Universal Service fees or other charges.

After reading that I thought I would give it a shot. Called them up and after waiting on the phone for half and hour got to talk to someone. Told them what I wanted to do, told them the reason why and they said fine. That was it. Of course I made sure to I didn’t have to pay the Early Termination Fee and he said nope. So Long Sprint.

Pro or Core?

I see on Mint that people are coming here looking for the Pro or Core? post alot so here is the repost of it.

What do you get for $100 more? Or better yet how much is Microsoft losing with there pro 360? I was thinking about this so I decide to add it up.

First you have the core system for $300 and the pro for $400. They both have the same console and power supply but that were they similarities end. With the pro you also get the 20 gig harddrive ($100) and a headset ($20) that the core doesn’t come with. Theres $120 right there. Now lets add the price difference between the rest of the stuff that both come with. The core comes with a wired controller and the pro a wireless one ($10 difference). Core has a Composite audio/video cable and the pro has a Component HD AV Cable. You really can’t do a price difference because there is no composite cable that you can buy.

Now we have a total of $150 between the two. The only other thing that the pro comes with that the core doesn’t is a ethernet cable. You can get them for about $20 so now the price is $170. Thats a good bit of money. Now say you got a core system and wanted to get every thing that the pro system comes with. That my friend is going to cost you $210 on top of the $300 for the core system for a total of $510.

So get the pro system and not the core. You get alot more for that extra $100. Even if you can’t find a pro system right now it would be better to wait till they come in. You will save alot of money in the end.

Bye Best Buy

I went to Best Buy to pick up Tomb Raider: Legend for the 360 because it was only $30 and as I got to the check out I remember why I don’t shop there all that much. In most parts of the world if you want to buy something you just pay with money or credit and your on your way. Not at Best Buy.

I know that going to pay for anything they are going to ask me for my phone number and before I just gave them my cell number. This time I told the lady that I didn’t have a phone thinking that would be the end of it and I could buy my game and be gone. But snice they don’t have a number to type in I guess they think im new and ask me for my address. Still don’t know why you need my address to take my money but whatever. So I give the lady my address but not my apartment number. Yay, were done and I can pay for this now. Not really. She hits enter and the system won’t take it without a phone number. I tell her to just try a 555 number but still won’t work. She then asks me for my work number. I tell her that theres no reason you need my work number so after thinking about it for a little bit she puts in the number for the store. Finally were done and I can pay for this dam game.

So thats about the last time I am getting anything from Best Buy. There is no reason that anyone should need your phone number, address, fingerprints, DNA or blood type just to give them money for a product. Bye Bye Best Buy.

Alive in Joburg

Most people will say when they hear the name Neill Blomkamp, “Who the hell is that?”. Well thats the director of Halo that Peter Jackson has picked and if you are like me you start thinking that this is going to turn into a Doom movie clone. But before you start to think that take a look at Alive in Joburg. Its a short film that Neill Blomkamp made in 2005 and you can start to see that he is pretty dam good at fitting CG in with real world.

Xbox Live Vision

I stopped by Gamestop today to pick up the new Xbox Live Vision camera and left $85 dollars out of my pocket. Now I know what your saying. “You spend $85 for a camera?”. Not really because after all is said and done I got the camera for free. Now that you have no idea what im talking about I will tell you how I worked this out in my head.

Xbox Live Vision Camera