WordPress 2.5 Gallery

This is just a post to see how the WordPress 2.5 gallery looks with this layout. The photos are from just random pics that I have on my system. So far the only problem I have is with the uploading of large photos. When tiring to upload them I am told there is a error but when clicking on the gallery tab at the top the photos are there. Not sure what the problem is just yet but it still works so no big deal.


hulu – Democracy Kicks In

This video is no longer on hulu, which suck. Not hulu, just the fact that they took the video down. But you can just go there and check out all the other videos they have. Just not the one that was here.

Play on Xbox Live for free

I was sent this video that showed how you can play on Xbox Live for free. What this does is give you 48 hour passes that you can use and some times you get Microsoft points. This won’t give you a gold account and everything that gos with it but at least you get to play online for free.


Voodoo People (Pendulum Remix)

This is a video for the remix of Voodoo People by Pendulum. The video itself is a bit strange but the song itself is great. The video is from Stage 6 which is Divx’s online video site. The quality of the videos are far better than anything that you will find on YouTube or most other online video sites. I like this quote from there site.

It’s a high-quality platform that lets anyone upload, download, view, share and experience everything from short clips captured on mobile phones all the way up to full-length, high-definition feature films. Anyone can become a publisher, anyone can build an audience and every video available on Stage6 is compatible with over 70 million consumer electronics devices from every major manufacturer, making it easy to play back Stage6 videos on your television or portable device.


Holy Crap, Another iPhone Story

Here is something that happen to me today where I was glad that I had the iPhone with me.

Friday I went to Blockbuster to rent Call of Duty 4 so I could play it over the weekend (great game BTW). When I went to check it out the little card machine was showing some sort of error message. I told the girl that was there, think it was her first week there or something, and she had to call someone to tell her how to fix them. Turns out that every system had to be rebooted. She does that and I check out my game.


iPhone – Few Weeks In

I have been using the iPhone for a few weeks now and over all it has been great. By far the best phone I have owned. But, like with everything in life there are things that I wish were apart of the phone or were changed in a future update.


iPhone Killer: LG Voyager

There is a guy I work with that can’t get a iPhone because he is with Verizon and we use Sprint at work. So when he saw the LG Voyager he started telling me that its better than the iPhone. So now I had to do some searching about this great phone and I found that its not so much a iPhone killer as it is a iPhone want-a-be. Not a bad looking phone over all but seems to copy to much from Apple.