Ubuntu to DnBtv.com

Follow me on this little trip. I’m playing around with my new Ubuntu install and checking out Amarok. Nice program and does what I want but I want to see if it can do more. So I find some scripts that you can install into it and one of them is a script that will search YouTube for the video of whatever song your playing. Ok that sounds cool so I check it out and after a few songs that I know it could find I try some on my Drum and Bass stuff. Its not finding to much of that so I search for the song on Google and find Dave.tv. Seems alright then I see a Drum and Bass channel that has alot of Drum and Bass videos. And that takes me to Dnbtv.com. Fun trip huh! Video from YouTube after the break. [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L5-9ynJlfI8[/youtube]

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